Ring Stories

Last month, we asked alumni to send in their most memorable ring stories. We are pleased to publish them here:

I was home on leave from Turkey and fishing on the West Point military reservation. Around midnight, I hooked a 6.5-lb. largemouth bass, and in the process of landing the monster, my ring slipped off into the lake.
~Jim Redner '73

About 6 years ago, I sent my ring back to the factory to be sized. Unfortunately they lost the ring, and even worse, they had not kept the mold. They offered money to replace it, but we know the ring is priceless for many reasons. I called the company to ask for assistance, and I finally contacted a customer service representative to explain my problem. I was unsuccessful in getting a new ring cast until I told him the ring was from Norwich. At that point he said he was a graduate of the Citadel and knew the importance of my ring. He had me send a sketch from the ring book, and he made me a new ring. I don't think they could have done more for me.
~Carl R Pascal '70

My class ring is at the bottom of Waterbury reservoir. (Has since been replaced.)
~William Jones '61

My class ring also went with a grenade in Vietnam - lost it in the Iron Triangle in February or March 1967 (the days sort of ran together, so I'm not sure of exactly when I lost it, but I remember losing it quite clearly). Like Dave Edstrom, I was not in a position to retrieve the ring, but I did purchase a new one from Jostens when I returned to the States in the fall of 1967. I have not had very good luck with rings. Lost my wedding ring during an FTX in Germany during the winter of 1982. Replaced it also - my wife was not too pleased with that maneuver.
~COL Richard H. Johnson '63 USA, (Ret.)

My first ring was stolen by a Korean "slicky boy". Several years later my wife replaced it at double the cost of the original. The second ring was lost in a night parachute jump into Mindoro Island, the Philippines, when a brigadier general (getting in his flying time) gave us the green light at 170 knots instead of the usual 120 knots. The opening shock snapped my hands off the reserve chute and my ring disappeared into the darkness. I now wear a less expensive alumni ring.
~Joe Jordan '59

My memorable ring story is not about my ring but about Russ Farquharson's. It seems his ring fell off his hand in the parking lot of the "Fox" one night. I remember Russ being very distraught over the loss, but in true Norwich fashion, the Corps came to the rescue. Word quickly spread through the bar what had happened, and soon all the Cadets had left the bar and were in the snow-covered parking lot crawling on their hands and knees in 10-degree weather looking for his ring. They found it! It goes to show you that teamwork does pay off.
~Leo S. Huott '90

And finally, this remarkable ring story was told to us by Trustee Emeritus Phil Marsilius '43....