Norwich Students Receive Graduate Scholarships

Online Graduate Programs - Scholarship Winners

by John Orlando, Certificate Program Director
May 12, 2005

Valedictorian Jennifer YostThe Norwich Online Graduate Programs exist in part to assist Norwich University students in fulfilling their career goals through graduate education. The Online Graduate Programs have given university divisions two types of scholarships to award to its most promising graduates of 2005. The Merit Scholarship provides $7,500 towards tuition in any NU graduate program, while the Distinguished NU Scholar award provides a full-tuition scholarship to any NU graduate program.

Divisions choose scholarship recipients from among their graduating seniors based on exceptional academic achievement and personal character. It is a great honor to be selected to receive such a scholarship. The award demonstrates the division's confidence that the student can excel in a rigorous graduate program. Each student plans to pursue a master's degree at Norwich University.

The following members of the class of 2005 have been named scholarship recipients:


  • Merit Scholarship: Brent White
  • Distinguished NU Scholar: Jonathan Rugg


  • Distinguished NU Scholar: Mike Serba
  • Distinguished NU Scholar: Corinne LeFrancois
  • Merit Scholarship: William Funk


  • Distinguished NU Scholar: Jennifer Bryan

Social Sciences

  • Merit Scholarship: Jennifer Cruickshank
  • Distinguished NU Scholar: Katie Serafine
  • Distinguished NU Scholar: Ted Rogers
  • Distinguished NU Scholar: Breanne Cave

Architecture and Art

  • Distinguished NU Scholar: Eric Bach

Norwich University also awarded $2,500 scholarships to all seniors graduating with Honors. 141 members of the class of 2005 received this award. They will also receive a $2,500 Alumni scholarship for a total award of $5,000.

Norwich University offers online master’s degrees in Business, Diplomacy, Information Assurance, Justice Administration, Civil Engineering, and Military History. More are planned for the future. Program information can be found at