NU alumni and spouses eligible for automatic Online Graduate Program scholarships

Beginning in September 2005, all Norwich University alumni and their spouses will automatically receive a $2500 scholarship when they enroll in any one of Norwich's online graduate programs (OGP). In addition, starting this spring, the faculty of each academic division will award a variety of $2500, $7500, and full-paid scholarships based on academic performance for graduating students in their division.

The online graduate programs include the MBA, Master of Science in Information Assurance (Information Security), Master of Justice Administration, Master of Arts in Diplomacy (concentration in Conflict Management), Master of Civil Engineering, Master of Science in Nursing (concentration in Nursing Administration), and the Master of Arts in Military History. (The last two were under University review at the time of this writing.) More programs will be added in the next several years.

Dr. Fred Snow, Dean of the OGP, points out that the online graduate programs were initiated in part to provide Norwich alumni help in fulfilling their lifetime learning needs and career goals. "Dozens of Norwich alums have already gone through the programs and received their masters degrees," said Snow.

Chuck Nettleship BA '85, MBA '03, enrolled in the Online MBA program exactly twenty years after becoming a Rook, and was a member of the program's first graduating class. He feels that online education is the future. "I am proud to be one of the 'Pathfinders' of the Norwich University Online MBA Program and highly recommend this program" said Nettleship. "Continuing the Norwich 'experience' through the virtual educational process adds value and meaning to my career goals."

1Lt Chris Hoover, USMC, BS '01, MBA '04, agreed. "Already appreciating the traditions and history that Norwich has to offer, I felt the online experience was great! The professors are first-rate and the support staff at the OGP office were always ready and willing to help. No other online program cares for its students more than Norwich University! Just as I did when I was an undergrad, I felt like I was part of something special," Hoover said.

The graduate programs last between 18 and 22 months, depending on when a student starts. Start dates are September and January. In the spring of 2006, a May start date will also be added. The 36 credits of curriculum are split up among six, eleven-week seminars taken in sequence. A five-day residency in mid-June on the Norwich campus caps off the coursework. Considered rigorous and of high quality in the marketplace, the programs are among the industry leaders in retention. The MBA program, in particular, is generating academic outcomes in the top five percent of the nation, as evidenced by their mean scores on the national ETS MBA exam.
According to Snow, the programs are experiential in nature, incorporating class work into the workplace. "This is not only in keeping with Norwich tradition, but results in an extremely fast return on investment for students and employers alike," said Snow. And while online education is sometimes perceived as faceless and boring, Snow says the typical Norwich experience contradicts this. "Many of our students tell us that this is the most dynamic academic experience they have ever had," said Snow.

One of the greatest features of the programs is that it encompasses a campus community without borders. Students and instructors from five continents are involved in the program, with a considerable number studying in the war theatres of Afghanistan and Iraq. "Wherever there is an Internet connection, there is the opportunity to study," said Snow.

For Norwich alumni, the extension of the scholarship to spouses is a particularly rich feature of the scholarship. "Having a spouse get a graduate degree from Norwich makes Norwich more of a family experience and extends and strengthens the Norwich family even more," said Snow.

The full-paid, $7500, and additional $2500 scholarships given to graduating students in each academic division are designed to reward superior academic performance at the undergraduate level. There will be one full-paid and one $7500 winner per academic division. In addition, all students graduating with Highest Honors or with High Honors will receive an additional $2500 "You Earned It" graduate scholarship. For example, a senior graduating with Highest Honors will receive the automatic $2500 scholarship for becoming an alumnus as well as a $2500 "You Earned It" scholarship for graduating with Highest Honors.

Dr. Dennis Tyner, Division Head of the David Crawford School of Engineering, speaks to the tremendous value of the scholarship program. "We are essentially putting Norwich's best of the best into graduate classrooms with students from all over the world. They have given Norwich so much while they were here, and now we can give something back to help catapult their careers. Most of these students could not afford graduate school for quite a few years after graduation. Now, they can do it much sooner and in a way that allows them to maintain full-time jobs," said Tyner.

Dr. Thomas Taylor, Head of the Division of Social Sciences, speaks to the flexibility of the scholarship program. "This scholarship will be particularly great for our top students who have decided to go into the military. It will allow them to get the most intensive part of their training out of the way and have a reward awaiting them at the end," said Taylor.

To exercise the $2500, $7500, or full-paid scholarships, alumni and/or spouses must enroll by January of 2008. Generally speaking, applicants must have several years of experience in the workplace before applying. Alumni and spouses are not guaranteed admission to the programs, only the use of the scholarship if they are admitted. They must meet the admissions criteria. Scholarships are divided among the six seminars. Alumni currently in the programs are eligible for a prorated portion of the scholarship based upon the time they have left in the program.

To find out more about the scholarships or the programs, please call 802.485.2567.

January 2005