Norwich University Launches Journal of Information Assurance

by John Orlando, June 2005

Norwich University has built a national reputation in security research and education. The online Master of Science in Information Assurance program, along with the Certificate in Emergency Management, graduates high-level security experts in industry and government. The residential Bachelor of Information Assurance program prepares students to enter the information security field. Norwich University also hosts the National Center for the Study of Counter Terrorism and CyberCrime, as well as numerous security conferences and seminars. A fundamental mission of the 185-year-old private military college is to secure our nation through education and research. In recognition of these accomplishments, the National Security Agency has designated Norwich University a “Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education.”

Norwich University continues this mission by launching a new academic journal: The Norwich University Journal of Information Assurance (NUJIA). The online, peer-reviewed journal publishes high-quality research into the management of information assurance. The NUJIA’s purpose is to advance understanding of the practical aspects of information assurance.

We are pleased to announce the publication of the following articles in the first issue: