Norwich University announces major capital campaign

September 2, 2005

Norwich University President Dr. Richard Schneider has launched the largest capital campaign in the University's 186 years of existence. The announcement was made to over 850 Norwich University supporters during Homecoming 2005 ceremonies on September 24.

The campaign, "Norwich Forever!," has a goal to raise $55 million. Money raised will fund initiatives in NU2019, the strategic plan to prepare for a third century of service, which begins after Norwich celebrates its bicentennial in 2019. Another $45 million will be borrowed to fund additional initiatives. The projects and "Norwich Forever!" funds designated for them include:

  • $16,000,000. A Modern Campus Center. This facility will serve the entire community. The proposed center will require renovations to the existing two floors of Harmon Hall and construction of an entirely new third floor. It will include open meeting areas and conference rooms to be shared by all students, a lounge and storage area for commuter students, game rooms, a café, exhibition areas, a small theater, and an additional conference area.

  • $6,500,000. Academic Program Enhancements. Norwich has established five institutional priorities: improving learning, inspiring students, incorporating information technology, internationalizing the campus, and investing strategically. Specific projects that will benefit from this funding and help to achieve these goals include providing more opportunities for undergraduate research, offering semesters abroad, and bringing guest lecturers to the campus.

  • $5,000,000. Scholarship Support. Norwich will offer "2019 Scholarships," which will be key to improving academic quality of the student body.

  • $5,000,000. Athletic Complex Improvements. This project will link Kreitzberg arena and Andrews Hall. In addition to providing a central entrance and lobby for athletic events, this structure will provide much needed new office and classroom space.

  • $6,000,000. Sullivan Museum and History Center. A new museum, attached to the Kreitzberg Library, will house historical items and displays of Norwich History. As part of this campaign, Norwich will establish a special endowment for the museum's programs and operations.

  • $14,000,000. Unrestricted Operating Support. Norwich will designate a large portion of funds for general operating expenses such as priority programs, equipment, and academic support in an effort to keep tuition costs down.

  • $3,000,000. National Reputation. A comprehensive branding and marketing effort is being undertaken which will establish Norwich University's identity nationally and articulate the Norwich experience in a manner that will be understood by prospective students, their parents, and the world of higher education in general.

  • $5,500,000. Deferred Gifts. Deferred gifts continue to be a powerful source of financial support for Norwich University and all institutions of higher education.

President Schneider, along with two University Board of Trustee members: former U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Gordon Sullivan (Ret.) '59 and Pierson Mapes '59, past president of NBC-TV, formally announced the start of five-year "Norwich Forever!" campaign during a luncheon held in the Kreitzberg Arena.

"We are here to celebrate the announcement of the largest campaign in the long history of our proud University," President Schneider told an audience of alumni, back on campus for Homecoming weekend. "Together, we are going to change the face of this campus."

"When we join together again in 2010, the campus will look very different than it does today," said General Sullivan, Chairman of the Norwich University Board of Trustees. "The changes that we will see, however, are truly in the spirit of Norwich's founder Alden Partridge. He was a man who created an entirely new way of teaching - a modern form of higher education to meet the needs of the United States in the early 19th century. The values that he sought to impart in his students 186 years ago remain at the heart of the Norwich experience today," Sullivan said. "It is our responsibility to make certain Norwich provides modern amenities and modern tools for teaching."

Pierson Mapes will serve as the chairman of the Norwich Forever campaign. "The Norwich Experience helped make you who you are today," Mapes said. "This is still the Norwich we all know and love. Together, working as a team with our fellow alumni, we can protect this legacy for another 200 years."