Maultsby to Work on New International Center for Human Dignity

Dr. Hubert MaultsbyDr. G. David Pollick, President of Birmingham-Southern College, has announced that Norwich University Provost Hubert Maultsby has been invited to join a team of scholars and internationalists who are engaged in the creation of a Global Center for Human Dignity in Birmingham, Alabama. In conjunction with Birmingham-Southern College, the Center is being created to examine the foundational issues and conditions that influence the achievement of human dignity throughout our planet. Ranging from the most basic questions of human rights to root causes such as nutrition, water and education, the Center takes as fundamental that through the liberal arts persons are best prepared to influence the kind of change and awareness that is being called for in such matters. As such, through public dialogue, scholars in residence, support of programmatic and curricular initiatives, regular scholarly work and research made available to the national and international media, the Center intends to bring more thoughtful attention to a wide range of interconnected issues.

Provost Maultsby said, "As a major seat of the Civil Rights initiatives of the early 1960's, over the course of the last 40 years Birmingham has shown itself to be on the forefront of cities in America addressing questions of civil and human rights. In such a setting, the Center, in conjunction with an institution of Birmingham-Southern College's national stature, is poised to make a truly powerful contribution to the national and international dialogues that must occur around our globe. I'm particularly honored to have been invited to join in the Center's development at such a critical stage." He further added that the decision to accept this opportunity was very difficult. "Both Rita and I immediately recognized the importance that such an initiative could have for issues that we both take so seriously. While I will miss working with the faculty and staff of Norwich as provost during the coming year, I look forward to returning and carrying on my work in this larger field as a faculty colleague joined in the enterprise of preparing our students for the great challenges that await them today."

President Schneider stated, "I join with the entire Norwich community in congratulating Provost Maultsby on the opportunity that awaits him. And while I will personally miss Hubert's counsel and excellent leadership, I truly appreciate the significance such an opportunity presents. It speaks well for the quality of both Dr. Maultsby and Norwich University."

President Schneider also stated, "I want to personally thank Provost Maultsby for his outstanding leadership in rebuilding the nursing program; in bringing forth the initiative for the You Earned It scholarship program, which has brought so many wonderful students to Norwich; in his leadership in transforming the Board of Fellows to their new mission of focusing on supporting our academic divisions; and in enhancing faculty and staff diversity. I believe one of the Provost's most important contributions was his ability to attract and recruit outstanding faculty and staff to serve our students."

President Schneider added that Dr. Maultsby's resignation as Provost will be effective July 1, 2005, at which time he will be on a one-year Independent Study Leave, followed by his return as Professor of Humanities. Until arrangements are made for the appointment for an interim provost, the President will serve as Provost. It is anticipated that an interim provost will be named by 1 September 2005.