Labor Day Picnic Provides Fun, Relaxation

picnic fareWhile last Tuesday's Convocation marked the official opening of school, the annual Labor Day Picnic signals for many the symbolic end of summer and a final chance to let loose before the more serious demands of school take hold. Under a beautiful blue September sky, students took a welcome break from the rigors of academic and Corps life to spend several hours eating, playing and relaxing on Lower Disney field. In true Labor Day tradition, work was the last thing on students' minds as they piled their plates high with hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, and juicy slices of watermelon, prepared by Sodexho.

students minglingFreshman recruits, unhindered by the barking commands of their cadre, removed their ROOK caps and mingled freely with upperclassmen. Cadets and civilians alike engaged in impromptu games of soccer and volleyball, while others tried their hand at competitive jousting, or raced against each other in the "House of Holes" inflated obstacle course. Background music was provided by SuperSounds.

Commandant's staff enjoying the afternoonNew this year, faculty, staff, their families and guests from the community were invited to join in the festivities.

"There aren't many occasions during the school year that the entire community gets together when it isn't a formal affair," said Mike Kelley '74, VP for Student Affairs and Commandant. "We thought it would be a nice gesture to include everyone this year."

Among the faculty and staff who participated in the picnic was Learning Support Director Paula Gills, who enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere every bit as much as the students.

games"It was great to see upperclass, rooks and civilian students having a good time, playing volleyball and other games, and sharing a meal together in an unstructured environment," said Gills. "It was also a great opportunity for faculty and staff to get caught up after the summer months."

This year's picnic was co-sponsored by the Orientation Office, Student Activities, and President Schneider.