Nursing Student Makes the Grade

Mother of Three Scores a Perfect 4.0

Getting straight A’s in college is hard enough, but when you’re a non-traditional student and a mother of three, making the grade is ... well, rather extraordinary.

Second-year nursing student Caroline Ingraldi was recently named a University Scholar, one of the most prestigious academic honors at Norwich University. To earn a place on this list, students must maintain a 4.0 cumulative grade point average.

“I wasn’t a very good student in high school. In fact, I’m a better student now than I would have been at 19. I know exactly what I want, and I have a plan of action. I also have higher expectations of myself now that I’m older,” Ingraldi said.

Formerly of Guilford, Conn., Ingraldi now lives in Northfield, Vermont, with her husband, Anthony Ingraldi, (an organic farmer) and their three young children, Sunny, Meadow and Daisy. Caroline discovered the four-year nursing program at Norwich when she moved to Vermont to give her kids a rural upbringing.

Before life as a full-time student, Ingraldi owned two retail stores in Connecticut, a clothing store and an eclectic art store.

“I was tired of the retail world and decided to pursue obstetrical nursing -- delivering babies ... it’s meaningful work.”

When Ingraldi started her freshman semester, her youngest child was 10 months old.

“Imagine me studying with a baby in one arm and a computer keyboard in the other,” she said.

Her “very wonderful husband” stays home with the children, tends both home and garden, and even furnishes evening meals. Ingraldi studies Monday through Friday and leaves the weekends open for her family.

“It’s a disciplined routine, but it seems to be working out for everyone,” Ingraldi said.

Ingraldi’s parents, William and Suzanne Huhn, live in Guilford, Conn. Her mother is a Lamaze instructor, and her father is a retired attorney and former head of the legal department at Pfizer.

“I’m extremely thankful for the support my parents have shown me. Their encouragement and moral support gets me through the challenging moments,” Ingraldi said.