Norwich community unites in effort to aid Katrina and Rita victims

The Norwich University community continues to reach out to alumni in Louisiana and Mississippi who were impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. After Katrina and subsequent flooding struck, staff members from Norwich's Institutional Advancement Office spent hours calling alumni from areas impacted by what has been called the worst natural disaster in US history. These employees eventually made contact with a number of alumni and friends of Norwich.

An on-campus, student-driven effort, Norwich United for Disaster Relief, is collecting funds to help victims of the hurricanes. Alumni and students are working with countless others across the nation to assist those affected.

"We are proud of these citizen soldiers who stand ready for the huge responsibility of helping people during their time of greatest need," said President Richard Schneider.

Norwich alumni, parents and friends have been invited to join the relief effort. If you know members of the Norwich family who have been impacted by this tragedy, encourage them to contact the University, should they need assistance, and let them know that their alma mater stands by them. Also, if you are planning to attend Parent and Family Weekend, support the students who are collecting funds for the relief effort.

If you are not going to be on campus in the next few weeks, consider making a donation to your local American Red Cross chapter. It is with the help of each of us that our Norwich family members affected by Katrina will make it through this very difficult time.

To notify the University of an alumnus who needs assistance, please contact Laura Amell at To find out more about Norwich United for Disaster Relief, or how you can help support Norwich's efforts in aiding victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, please contact Nicole DiDomenico, Director of Volunteer Programs, at 802.485.2670