The William E. Colby Military Writers' Symposium

"Hope and Honor" and "Franklin and Winston" Win 2005 Colby Awards

An autobiography of a Holocaust survivor who rose in rank to commander of Special Operations Command and the story of the epic friendship between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt are this year's winners of the prestigious Colby Award.

Hope and Honor book cover"Hope and Honor" (Forge 2004) tells the story of Lithuanian native Sid Shachnow, who, after surviving three horrific years in a notorious Nazi death camp during World War II, fled with his family to the West when the Soviet Union occupation began and eventually immigrated to the United States. Joining the U.S. Army as an enlisted man and then for the next thirty-two years serving as a soldier in Special Forces, Shachnow rose in rank from private to major general as the commander of Special Operations Command with distinguished service in Vietnam and service in Berlin and the Middle East.

Written with the assistance of Jann Robbins, "Hope and Honor" is more than the story of an authentic warrior; it is an inspirational and often gut-wrenching book about the American dream come true. It is not only an enthralling story of survival and courage but also a shining example of the real meaning of freedom and the price many are willing to pay to attain it.

Franklin and Winston book coverJon Meacham's "Franklin and Winston: An Intimate Portrait of an Epic Friendship" (Random House 2003), is a groundbreaking work about two great and diverse leaders and the war for freedom they fought in the dark days of World War II. It is the story of two powerful men: Winston Churchill, who saved his nation in its darkest hour in 1940, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president of an isolationist United States reluctant to go to war. Together, they forged an alliance that not only repelled but ultimately defeated the tyranny of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Franklin and Winston is about what Richard Holbrooke has accurately called "the most important political friendship of the twentieth century"; one that created an alliance that determined the outcome of the war. Jon Meacham has told the story of Churchill and Roosevelt in a way that puts us with them as spectators, sharing their adversity and their triumphs.

Colby Military Writers' SymposiumNamed for the late Ambassador and former CIA Director William E. Colby, the Colby Award recognizes a first work of fiction or non-fiction that has made a significant contribution to the public's understanding of intelligence operations, military history or international affairs. The Award will be presented on behalf of the members of the Colby Circle by Symposium co-founders W.E.B. Griffin and Carlo D'Este on April 7, 2005 at Norwich University, the nation's oldest private military college, in Northfield, Vermont.

The William E. Colby Military Writers' Symposium is held each April at Norwich University and in January at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Founded at Norwich in 1996, the Symposium has brought over sixty of the country's top authors, historians, journalists and filmmakers together to participate in open forums, lectures and classroom sessions. In 2002, the Symposium established national headquarters at the new Pritzker Military Library in Chicago.

The 2005 10th anniversary residency entitled "The Rules of War" will be held April 6-8, 2005. Joining the Colby Award recipients and co-founders W.E.B. Griffin and Carlo D'Este will be: Sean Naylor, Edward M. "Mac" Coffman, Ralph Peters, Bryan Mark Rigg, Thomas B. Allen, Paul Dickson and distinguished guests Paul Colby and William E. Butterworth, IV. John Calloway, a forty year veteran of Chicago Public Television and host of "Chicago Stories" will moderate the Public Session in historic Plumley Armory.

Members of the Colby Circle include such notables as: Lewis Sorley, Philip Caputo, Winston Groom, Elizabeth Norman, Ed Ruggero, Tom Clancy, Stephen Coonts, Mark Bowden, Fred Chiaventone, Joseph Galloway, Williamson Murray, Dale Brown, Frank Sesno, H.R. McMaster, John Katzenbach, James Bradley, and Marvin Kalb., February 2005

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