Christmas Horseplay at Breckenridge Farm

If you want to see horses dance this season, don’t miss the Norwich Cavalry Troop Christmas Show at Breckenridge Farm this Sunday (Dec. 11) from 2:00 to 4:00!

Admission is free, and hot cider and cookies will be served.

NU cavalry

"Our performance is a celebration of semester's end. The riders have worked hard to get to this point in their training, and of course, it's fun to see humans and horses work together toward a common goal," said master horse trainer Judy Whipple of Breckenridge Farm in Plainfield.

Whipple has been riding, teaching others, and learning about horses all her life.

Spectators will see just how much the freshmen have learned since September in the Lunge Session. Then, hold your breath during the Mock Jousting—a demonstration of daring and humor. Some lucky cadet will get pulled in a cart by Pepperoni, the miniature horse, followed by the infamous Quadrille, a sophisticated drill routine on horseback set to music. Two upperclassmen will perform a stirring Pas de Deux…this dance of two highlights dressage skills and advanced movements.

"Horsemanship skills are akin to what cadets learn in military training ... they need to be good leaders in order to foster motivation and obedience. I'm really excited about this Cavalry program—it's part of Norwich's heritage," said Whipple, who's been coaching the Norwich Cavalry since 2003.

The Norwich Cavalry's ultimate goal is to compete in drill teams and dressage at the collegiate level.

Dress warmly and plan to saddle up with the Norwich University Cavalry this Sunday!

Directions to Breckenridge Farm in Plainfield