Norwich trustees elect two new board members

At their October meeting, the Norwich University Board of Trustees elected two new members. Joel Kobert of Hackettstown, New Jersey, and Keith Barrett of Northfield, Vermont, will begin five-year terms in January 2005 and May 2005 respectively.

Kobert is the managing partner of the law firm Courter, Kobert, and Cohen with offices in New York City and New Jersey. Barrett, a former Norwich alumnus trustee (1999-2004), serves as the Director of Business Development at Pizzagalli Construction Company in South Burlington.

Norwich University has 35 board members, each of whom may serve two consecutive five-year terms. The full board is seated three times a year, in the fall, winter and spring, for a two-day session. Most of the work trustees perform is at the committee level. The board has thirteen committees, each covering a unique area of responsibility, such as academics, co-curricular, investments, finances, buildings, athletics, technology, and enrollment. Most board members belong to at least three of these committees.

Kobert graduated from Norwich University in 1965. "I feel very privileged to be able to give back to the University my time and energy, since Norwich has given me the very good life that I have today," Kobert said. "Norwich over the years has continued to grow and enhance its image, and it is my hope over the next five years to help work to enlarge its facilities and student enrollment. I also believe that it is important that we continue to push for academic excellence and support faculty and their needs."

After serving his term as an alumnus trustee, Barrett, a 1980 graduate, was nominated by the board to serve as a full trustee. Barrett, like Kobert, is also looking forward to serving his alma mater. "I look forward to working with this strong and unified body to advance the NU2019 plan and the vision of Norwich for future generations," Barrett said. "My involvement with the University Master Plan and the development of a new campus center and future housing projects fuels my passion for Norwich, and I am prepared for the challenges ahead.", November 2004

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