Annual Promotion Parade Recognizes Senior Leaders

Corps senior staff for 2004/5Norwich University's annual promotion parade took place in Shapiro Field House on the Northfield campus on April 6, 2004. Traditionally at this ceremony, the Cadet chain of command is promulgated for the 2004-2005 academic year, and the Class of 2004 is honored with a final pass in review. 2004/5 Student SenateNew this year, the incoming officers for the Norwich Student senate were recognized, along with the incoming residence life staff and orientation leaders.

From the podium, Norwich President Richard W. Schneider commended outgoing Regimental Commander Wilbur Oles for the great job he and his senior staff have done in governing the Corps this year, and likewise the Student Senate for its considerable accomplishments. "Norwich is all about leadership," said Schneider. "This is where you learn your leadership - in the trenches."

Schneider went on to congratulate Zachary Knoebel '05 on his appointment as next year's Regimental Commander. "It was a real privilege for me to pick the new Regimental Commander out of four outstanding nominees," said Schneider.

In a symbolic ritual signifying the formal change of responsibility from one commander to another, the Regimental Colors were passed from the Regimental Command Sergeant Major to the outgoing Regimental Commander to the Deputy Commandant, before being passed to the incoming Regimental Commander.

next regimental commander receives colors, rank insignia, and awardIn keeping with Norwich tradition, President Schneider presented Kneobel the Burch Medal, the Syms Award and the Shuttleworth Saber. The Burch Medal recognizes Walter Thomas Burch '51, and is presented annually to the Cadet promoted to the rank of colonel. The Syms award is a cash award presented in memory of Cadet Eugene Syms '35, who was killed in a plane crash in 1945. The Shuttleworth Saber is presented in memory of Colonel Edward A. Shuttleworth, Class of 1891 and member of the Board of Trustees.

Knoebel, who is majoring in Business Mangement and Computer Information Systems, is a member of Army ROTC, and the son of Colonel W. Scott '76 and Wendy Knoebel of Northfield, Vermont. The elder Knoebel, a professor of military science for the Army ROTC department, is a former NUCC Regimental Commander.

At the parade it was announced that due to increased retention and recruitment, a new company, "Kilo", would be added next year to accommodate the increased participation in the Corps of Cadets. In addition, it was announced that the Cavalry and Norwich Independent Battery would evolve from club activities to troop/battery organizations within the Corps structure. Finally, key leaders in the Mountain Cold Weather/Norwich Rescue Team received special recognition.

Student Senate Officers for 2004-05

  • Mariah Arrato Gavrish, President
  • Adrian Ackles, Vice President
  • Derek Kenison, VP for Administration
  • I.K. Oronsaye, VP for Finance

2004-05 Residential Life Team

  • Keegan Ziemba
  • Meggan Robinson
  • Danielle Meunier
  • Tiffanie Henderson
  • Jose Sinclair
  • Randall Watkins III
  • Paige Tedeschi
  • Christopher L. Manos
  • Kyle Schoelz
  • Karthik Raman
  • Camille Irah M. Betito
  • Amy LaFontaine.

Fall 2004 Senior Orientation Leaders

  • Katie Serafine
  • Josh Gallop
  • Torry Hook
  • Jen Lawton
  • Jason Mitchell.

2004-2005 Corps Senior Staff

  • Promoted to the grade of cadet colonel for the position of Regimental Commander: Zachary Knoebel

  • Promoted to the grade of lieutenant colonel for the position of Regimental Executive Officer and Deputy Commander: Cadet Brent White

  • Promoted to the newly elevated senior/1st class position of Regimental Command Sergeant Major: Cadet Patrick deGraaf.

  • Promoted to the grade of lieutenant colonel for the principle staff positions indicated:
    • Honor Chair: Cadet Matthew Schade
    • Inspector General: Cadet William Labelle-Boucher

  • Promoted to the grade of major for principle or special staff positions:
    • Regimental S1 - Cadet Louis Lewandowski
    • Regimental S2 - Cadet Thomas Countermine
    • Regimental S3 - Cadet Jonathon Swieret
    • Regimental S4 - Cadet Leslie Conway
    • Regimental S5 - Cadet Scott Cowles
    • Public Affairs Officer - Cadet Jason O'Neil

  • Promoted to the grade of lieutenant colonel for the position of Battalion Commander:
    • 1st Battalion - Cadet Adam Lazar
    • 2nd Battalion - Cadet Greg Wortman
    • 3rd Battalion - Cadet Josh Meyer
    • Provisional Battalion - Cadet Blake Jackson

  • Promoted to the grade of major for the position of Battalion Executive Officer:
    • 1st Battalion - Cadet Valerie Solis
    • 2nd Battalion - Cadet Theodore Rogers
    • 3rd Battalion - Cadet Melissa Luciano
    • Provisional Battalion - Cadet Javonne Gray, April 2004

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