Kilo Company reinstated at Norwich

Kilo Company rooksNear record enrollment figures have prompted the University to reinstate Kilo Company, the 10th line company in the Corps of Cadets.

While Norwich's incoming freshman class is approximately the same size as last year, new recruitment initiatives and increased retention have resulted in a net gain of approximately 80 cadets over last year..

"The reason our enrollment is so high is that we have realized an increase in retention rates across the board from freshman to seniors in both civilian and military lifestyles," said Karen McGrath, dean of enrollment management. "This is a direct result of our bringing in higher quality students, both from an academic and institutional fit perspective."

Kilo Company guidon, Dog River runMcGrath added that, due to various recruitment initiatives such as Future Leader Camps, Leadership Challenge Weekends, Engineering Showcase, and increased campus visitations, the University is creating more opportunities for prospective students to experience life at Norwich. "As a result, we are getting students who are a better fit for the University," McGrath said.

This year the Regiment will number approximately 1,150 Cadets structured into 10 line companies and five provisional battalion companies. With more than 400 new students signing on to experience the military lifestyle, it has become necessary to stand up Kilo Company, formerly disbanded in 1992.

Kilo Company guidon, Dog River runKilo Company, originally established under the leadership of MG Ernest Harmon for the 1956-57 academic year, remained viable until 1969, when the Corps of Cadets was reduced to nine line companies, A through I. Kilo resurfaced again in 1976, remaining active until the spring of 1992, when it was stood down as the Corps was again reduced to nine line companies.

"The activation of Kilo Company is made possible due to a net gain of nearly 100 cadets," said Col. Scott M. Henne '78, Deputy Commandant of Cadets at Norwich. "We anticipate that, at the current rate, the Corps of Cadets is on target to reach or exceed our goal of 1,250 cadets by the year 2019 (the 200th anniversary of the University). Norwich will continue to invest in the quality of life and academic competitiveness to best ensure our future success," Henne said., August 2004

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