Norwich signs agreement with Embanet, Inc.

R. Schneider, F. Snow, and D. Wick
Norwich President Richard Schneider signs a formal agreement securing a partnership with Embanet, Inc. of Toronto, while Dean of Online Graduate Programs Fred Snow looks on.

On December 10th, Embanet, Inc. of Toronto signed an agreement with Norwich University to help perform marketing, recruiting, and admissions services for the school's Online Graduate Programs (OGP). Norwich's OGP currently have 900 distance students and projects an enrollment of more than of 2,000 by the year 2019.

"This revenue-sharing strategic alliance will better enable OGP to meet its academic, enrollment, and financial objectives," said Fred Snow, Vice President and Dean of Online Graduate Programs at Norwich. "Embanet and Norwich are not new partners. Embanet has been providing online classrooms for Norwich since the inception of the original Diplomacy program in 1996."

"What sold us on this agreement was the passion and commitment on the part of the Norwich employees," stated Jeffrey Feldberg, who, along with Waleuska Lazo, founded Embanet, Inc. in 1995. "We've been in business with many different companies over the years and have never seen the excitement and enthusiasm that we have seen with Norwich University."

Norwich President Richard Schneider and OGP Dean Fred Snow (right) present Embanet representatives Steve Vells and Jeffrey Feldberg (left) with a Norwich flag as a symbol of their new partnership.

"This is very important to us strategically, financially, and from a branding point of view," said Norwich President Richard Schneider at a brief ceremony to make the agreement official. "It will bring a good balance between the high quality graduate and undergraduate programs at Norwich."

"Embanet is a supremely professional firm with a great reputation for customer service," Snow said. "We are excited with this new relationship. The alliance will make OGP easier to manage and will significantly reduce the risk of the programs to the University."

Chief Financial Officer Richard Rebmann agreed that the relationship would have a positive impact on Norwich. "The Embanet contract should significantly increase Norwich University's revenue and provide predictable and scalable increases in expenses," Rebmann said. "We are poised to enjoy dramatic revenue growth while being protected should our markets face decline.", December 2004

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