Alumni hockey spirit glimmers on ice!

alumni hockey playersAlthough some former hockey players are a little larger in the waistline, a bit slower on their skates, and not quite as quick with the stick, they all still share a love for the game and a maroon and gold spirit that glimmers brightly. Such was the case at the 2nd Annual William D. Cahill Alumni Hockey Game, played in Kreitzberg Arena on the morning of November 20, 2004. The "Old-Timers Game" established in 1978, was renamed in 2003 to honor the memory of William D. Cahill '73, who passed away suddenly last fall. Bill, a three-year varsity letterman at Norwich, later returned to "The Hill" in 1990 as assistant coach for Men's Hockey before taking over as the head coach from 1993-1995.

hockey actionThe young, middle-aged, and mature laced up their skates, matching odd class years against evens, and took to the ice to play some hockey, laugh, and compete for the William D. Cahill Memorial Cup. The white team (odd years) defeated the maroon team (evens), to skate away with bragging rights for yet another year. Although subbing was frequent, and some could no longer hop the boards, the only casualty was a broken stick.

Old-timer awards go to Gene Curley '51 and Peter Byrne '61 and Rookie alumni awards to Brad Powell '04, Aaron Lee '04 and Andrew Senesi '04. Remaining skaters filling out the rosters for the white and maroon included: Keith Barrett '80, Matt Barrett '06, Bob Bartolomeo '68, and his son Joe, Paul Bova '88, Peter Cahill (brother of Bill '73), Peter Catalano '03, Chris Clegg '87, Phil Coleman '75, Toza Crnilovic '03, Dennis Erickson '77, Robert Harty '78, and his son Robert Jr., Jack Hauswirth '88, Kenneth Howard, Jr. '65, Chris Jones, Paul Kohan '95, Arthur Kramer '66, Joe LaBella '77, Todd Law '93, Mike Ludwar '00, Dick Malatesta '66, Gregory McManus '80, Don Ryley '77, Rick Van Arnam '84, Tom Viall, brother of Charles '64, Bob Wilkinson '84, David Willis '64, and Carl Winkleman '87. Later that day, hockey alumni were introduced during first period break of the Norwich versus Connecticut College hockey game.

champsMen's Hockey Coach Mike McShane welcomed the stars of yesteryear by paying visits to both teams on their respective benches. Current players stopped by to razz former teammates and catch a glimpse of what hockey after college might be like for them in a year or two, when alumni status is reached.

Afterwards, alumni and their families enjoyed open skating, followed by lunch in Milano Ballroom. McShane addressed the 80 people in attendance, expressing his appreciation to hockey alumni for their continued support of the game and of Norwich. President Richard Schneider provided a Norwich update and offered his thanks, as well. Peter Cahill, brother of the late Bill Cahill, expressed his sincere appreciation and thanked everyone and Norwich for keeping Bill's spirit alive through this memorial game. He later passed out a card, which on one side displayed Bill "BC" Cahill's name, picture, June 11, 1950 - October 6, 2003, Coach/Mentor/Friend, and on the reverse side a poem,

"What is a Hockey Player?

What is a Hockey Player?
Between the innocence of childhood
and the dignity of an adult,
we find a creature called
"A Hockey Player".

Hockey players come in assorted
weights, heights, jersey colors and
numbers, but all Hockey Players
have the same creed -

To play every second of every period of
every game to the best of their ability.
Hockey Players are found everywhere -
Underneath, on top of, skating around,
falling over, passing by, twisting from, or
stick handling through the enemy.
Teammates rib them, officials penalize
Them, kid brothers and sisters idolize
Them, mothers worry about them and
dentists love them.

A Hockey Player is courage on skates,
Hope in a helmet, pride in pads and the
Best of youth in a jersey and breezers., November 2004

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