Travel Journal of Cadet Sergeant Major Corinne LeFrancois

Day 1 - Feb 26, 2003

Shock Platoon awaits luggage and weaponsWe boarded our flight to Philadelphia safely and arrived there without any major issues. With over two hours before our connecting flight, the team was set free to roam the airport shops and food court. The freshmen were thrilled to hit the stores and buy civilian clothes, visiting the Gap among others. I tried to do homework but eventually gave in and joined my teammates.

After three flights, we arrived in New Orleans. Standing around the baggage carrousel, we knew there was a problem. Our luggage had not made it to New Orleans. 38 pieces, including 16 rifles, were missing. With the hope our clothes and gear for the Mardi Gras Drill Competition would be arriving on the next flight, we camped out in baggage claim. When the carrousel started running again awhile later, an entire row of rifle cases eventually came through the opening. We all cheered.

With that potential ordeal averted, we made our way to our hotel, settled in, and relaxed for the busy day ahead of us.

More to come on Thursday's adventure in the Big Easy tomorrow. Best to everyone in chilly Vermont.

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