Douglas McCrackenUniversity Trustee Douglas McCracken '70 speaks on "ethics in business"

As part of its "Year of Honor" celebration, Norwich University invited Douglas McCracken '70, University Trustee, CEO of Deloitte Consulting and Chairman of the Board of Deloite & Touche Foundation, to speak to the Corps on ethics in the world of business. Introduced by President Schneider as "an excellent example of our guiding values in action," McCracken addressed his audience from the stage at Plumley Armory.

McCracken speaks one-on-one with cadetUsing the recent examples of Enron and Andersen, McCracken showed how a lack of integrity at the top level of an organization can not only spell the downfall of that organization, but also have far-reaching implications for the world at large. "The vast majority of their people were honorable, and were very good at what they did, but they lost their guideposts relative to honor and integrity," he said.

Referring to honor as a topic "that's woven into the fabric of Norwich University," McCracken urged his audience not to stray from the guiding values they learned while students. "We stand on the shoulders of the generations of graduates who came before us," he said.

Following his presentation, McCracken fielded questions from the audience, and also spoke one-on-one with members of the Corps as they left the armory., March 2003

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