rear view
front view
Milano Ballroom entrance
Messier house movers remove their equipment

Crawford Renovation Update

June 16 - A mere twenty-five days after the Crawford renovation project began, the roof has come back down. According to Project Foreman Peter Wells of DEW Construction of Williston, his crew has finished securing the roof to the newly built fourth floor walls, after which Messier House Moving, who jacked up the roof, will start moving their equipment out.

"In five weeks we were able to complete the demolition, the jacking, build the walls, and set the roof back down," said Wells, speaking from his office on the first floor.

While the roof was being secured onto the fourth floor, workmen on the first floor were in the process of finishing up the steel work so that reconstruction of Milano Ballroom could begin. Meanwhile, workmen on the second floor were busy sheet-rocking, taping and painting what will eventually become the newly renovated dorm rooms.

dweggler, June 2003

crib jacks supporting girder

roof is secured

securing the roof

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