Crawford Hall before renovations
before lift-off
roof begins to rise
front side view as roof is raised
rear view after liftoff

Major renovations underway at Crawford Hall

On Monday, May 12, Norwich began major construction work on Crawford Hall. The building, built in 1988, serves as a residence hall for a large portion of the university’s civilian students and also houses the Milano Ballroom, a popular venue for university events and private parties.

A University employee, architect Harold Mayhew, designed the plans for the renovations, and DEW Corporation of Williston will undertake the construction. The anticipated cost of the project is $2.7 million.

The most dramatic change to the structure will be the addition of another floor of living quarters. The additional space will add 5,500 square feet to the building. This addition, combined with changes associated with the renovation of the existing areas, will add approximately 80 new beds.

Other updates that will modernize the building and improve the safety of its residents include plumbing, electrical, telephone/data communications, flooring, furnishings, and bathroom facilities.

All the work is scheduled to take place over the summer. The work in the housing portion of the complex should be complete prior to the student’s arrival in mid-August, and the entire project should be complete by early September.

story: dmudgett, photos: dweggler, June 2003

hydraulic jack
hydraulic jack control panel
liftoff showing crane
liftoff complete

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