Colby Circle Author Wins Wrangler Award

Frederick J. ChiaventoneThe first year Frederick J. Chiaventone participated in the William E. Colby Military Writers' Symposium, he received the Colby Award for his novel about the disastrous battle of Little Bighorn, A Road We Do Not Know. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum recently announced that this Colby Circle Author has been selected to receive the Wrangler Award for the Best Novel of the American West in 2002, Moon of Bitter Cold. Both of Chiaventone's award-winning novels deal with how a clash of cultures can result in military catastrophe. Chiaventone is a retired Army officer and former Professor of International Security Affairs at the US Army Command & General Staff College, where he taught guerilla warfare and counter-terrorism operations to senior officers.

This year's Colby Award winner is Bryan Mark Rigg, for his novel, Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military.

The subject of the 2003 William E. Colby Military Writers' Symposium (April 9-11, 2003, Northfield, VT) is to be, Uncommon Valor: Ethical Lessons in Military Literature. The list of participants includes authors W.E.B. Griffin, Carlo D'Este, Rick Atkinson, Joseph Galloway, Sean Naylor, Owen Parry, Reina Pennington, Ralph Peters, Lewis Sorley, Bryan Mark Rigg, and distinguished guest Lieutenant General David R. Palmer, USA (Ret.).

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