Norwich University Carillonneurs' Guild

The newly established Norwich University Carillonneurs' Guild gave their first concert on Illumination Night, December 7, directly following the Concert Band's performance in White Chapel. The guild, made up of eleven students and five staff members, performed a seasonal program of both secular and religious music, beginning after the tree lighting.

Although the Charlotte Nichols Greene Memorial Carillon has been in existence at Norwich since 1956, this is the first time a campus wide players' guild has been formed. The 16 individuals who make up the guild bring with them a wide range of musical experience, from one member who has been playing both organ and piano since the age of four to one who cannot yet read music.

George Matthews provides instruction on the practice clavier"What all the members have in common is a strong desire to learn to play this unique musical instrument," said Diana Weggler, the group's advisor. In anticipation of the upcoming concert, George Matthew, Norwich's resident carillonneur, has been conducting group lessons on the practice clavier for the past several weeks. These lessons have been made possible by a generous donation from a member of the Northfield Community who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Charlotte Nichols Greene Memorial Carillon is one of only two such instruments in the state of Vermont. This past fall, Weggler was invited to give guest presentations on the carillon and its history to the Northfield Ladies' Reading Circle and the Northfield Rotarians. "The story behind this particular instrument and how Norwich came to acquire it is fascinating," said Weggler.

Persons interested in learning more about the Norwich carillon and its history are encouraged to contact Diana Weggler at 802-485-2318 or via email at, November 2003

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