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Sabine Field webcam

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To take control, click the Start button that looks like this: Webcam control button

When the timer in the blue box starts to count down, you’re in control and can use the dropdown menu to choose from preset views.

If someone else already controls the webcam, the timer box will be gray and will count down until it’s your turn.

When the timer runs out, the box will remain blue if no one else is waiting to control the webcam, and you can continue to use it. To restart the timer, click on the Reconnect button.
It looks like this: Webcam reconnect button

The video size control at the top can be set larger than 320x240, but the right side of the view will be cut off.

About the views

Sabine Sally

Our M4 Sherman Tank, built between 1942 and 1943, arrived on Sabine Field in April, 1957. Sabine Sally was taken away for restoration in December, 2010, and returned to Sabine Field on April 30, 2013.


This new scoreboard on Sabine's nortwest corner replaces the old one that stood behind the western end zone.

50-yard Line

Offers a view of one of the new light towers.

End Zone, east

The eastern end zone is the one nearest Plumley Armory. Sabine Gate is visible to the right.


The new grandstand of Haynes Family Stadium is visible here. Plumley Armory is in the background.

Plumley Plaza

As part of the rebuilding of Sabine Field and the Haynes Family Stadium, the area between Sabine Gate and Plumley Armory has become an inviting gathering space for both the field and the armory.