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Jackman Hall webcam

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To take control, click the Start button that looks like this: Webcam control button

When the timer in the blue box starts to count down, you’re in control and can use the dropdown menu to choose from preset views.

If someone else already controls the webcam, the timer box will be gray and will count down until it’s your turn.

When the timer runs out, the box will remain blue if no one else is waiting to control the webcam, and you can continue to use it. To restart the timer, click on the Reconnect button.
It looks like this: Webcam reconnect button

The video size control at the top can be set larger than 320x240, but the right side of the view will be cut off.

About the views

Gerard Hall

Gerard Hall is the newest residence hall bordering the Upper Parade Ground, and is home to Corps of Cadets upperclassmen.

Upper Parade Ground (UP)

The UP is the central location for Corps of Cadets ceremonies. The entire Corps turns out for Command Reveille and Command Retreat, and Friday afternoon parades are held on the UP as well. You’re also likely to see Drill Team practice and Rook training.

UP closeup

A closer look at the UP for a better look at formations and parades.

Dewey Hall

The hall is home to the School of Business & Management. Part of the Northfield Mountains are in the background.

Jackman Hall

This webcam is mounted on the clock tower of Jackman Hall, the main administration building. There are views downward to the front steps and to Jackman Gate to the west.