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Hawkins Hall webcam

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If you can’t see the live view, try the still image.

Live views only last for three minutes but, if you’d like more time, click the Refresh or Reload button on your browser toolbar.

To take control of a webcam, click the Start Control button. If someone else already controls the webcam, or if others are ahead of you in line, the timer will count down until it’s your turn.

When the timer turns green, you’re in control and can choose from preset views with the drop-down menu.

About the views

You may notice the views of the WCC and White Chapel are askew. We sacrificed perfect views of those buildings for what we think is a valuable option—the “Hi, Folks!” close-up.

Wise Campus Center (WCC)

The WCC is Norwich’s social hub, offering expected amenities—buffet-style servery, bookstore, mailroom, dining area—and some not-so-expected features, like a double-height winter garden and an external-facing fireplace. For all the details, visit the WCC website.

White Chapel

Next door to the WCC, the chapel is the spiritual center of the campus community, and its steeple is part of a New England tradition. Payne Mountain, site of the old Norwich University ski area, is the backdrop.

Hi, Folks!

This view offers a close-up of the benches near the Harmon Memorial Wall. We hope parents in particular will take advantage of this opportunity to arrange a conversation with their son/daughter during which they can see them as well as talk to them on a cell phone.