Facilities - Civilian Housing

The Norwich University Facilities Master Plan defines three phases of civilian housing, resulting in the ultimate build-out of 750 beds.

Locating these beds in a centralized area was critical to site planning, creating a “civilian student quad.” Although as many as six sites were analyzed, the Upper and Lower Disney sites were one of the few locations on campus that could support a development of this size. It was also critical the development tie into the existing campus fabric. Upper and Lower Disney provided the best sense of cohesion.

phase 1The first phase of the civilian housing complex was completed in August 2009. This 74,663-gross-square-foot building, christened South Hall, houses 283 students with a wide variety of amenities including study lounges, community lounges, game rooms and an exercise facility. South Hall connects to the Upper Parade Ground area via the stunning Class of ’59 Bridge, which separates pedestrian and automobile traffic. South Hall was also the first Norwich building to receive a LEED Silver certification.

phase 2The second phase of the complex will be located to the west of South Hall. This new building, similar in design and amenities to South Hall, will house 286 students in 84,200 gross square feet. Construction on the second phase, which was approved in March 2013, is to start in the spring of 2013 with completion scheduled for August 2014.

phase 3The third and final phase has not yet been designed and no construction date set.

Dorm renovations

In addition to the construction of new housing, the university has an ambitious renovation program to upgrade all existing dorms and barracks. These improvements include new and expanded bathrooms, flooring, furnishings, upgraded building control systems, new stairways, wall repair and paint.