A Sense of Place, page three: Norwich University emagazine

A half hour and 20 miles later, at the Great Vermont Corn Maze in Danville, Parker divided them into three teams.

  Everyone has to deal with these issues, but when new to the culture, [students] need clear explanation.

~ Jenifer Hasenfus

Team C─upperclassman Surachet Som-aum from the Royal Thai Military Academy, Chin-Hung Jen from the Chinese Military Academy and Hasenfus─decided to turn right at every junction of the path through  brilliant green stalks. That proved unsuccessful.

“I have a plan,” Jen declared confidently, and bent to painstakingly draw an arrow in the dirt at each turn. The team followed. An hour and a half later, his face contorted and dissolved into a grin. He threw up his hands and laughed. “We are lost.”

After two hours and about five miles of twisting through towering corn and dusty trails, Team C was helped out of the maze. Reunited with the group, they discover one team took advantage of the emergency exit and the other used an unorthodox bridge-jumping method to find its way out. continue

Saranrat Sanban of Thailand, Wei-Neng Yang and Mat Parker sample cheeses.

Saranrat Sanban, Wei-Neng Yang and Mat Parker sample cheeses.