A Sense of Place, page five: Norwich University emagazine

“Everyone has to deal with these issues,” Hasenfus said, “but when new to the culture, [students] need clear explanation.”

Yang, now a Rook member of Foxtrot Company, said he was ravenous while plowing through a tall pile of food in the dining hall. So far, he’s been able to understand more than he thought and is able to ask his roommate about anything he needs help with.

The training international students receive won’t stop there. It will continue through the semester. Via the Learning Support Center, Parker will teach an English-as-a-Second-Language class. He also provides help with other class work. All the international students—Norwich has about 50 this year—gather bi-weekly for a meeting.

“Meeting together helps them socially,” Parker said. “They will form bonds and be friends for life.”

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Sanban and Parker go over paperwork at Shapiro Field House during Rook arrival day.

Sanban and Parker go over paperwork during Rook arrival day.