Hitting the river, page seven: Norwich University emagazine

Today the class is still flush with adrenaline from running rapids in the rain yesterday. That’s especially true for Brian Mora, a criminal justice major who had never paddled before. And for Renat Fatkulin, who came to Norwich from Siberia. “The canoeing is nice,” Fatkulin says. “But everything is my favorite. Learning every day. Getting smarter.”

Clouds move across the sky, Canada geese honk and unseen trucks rumble along the Daniel Webster Highway as the ecology session unfolds. The macro-invertebrates group has found a caddis fly larvae and two stone-fly nymphs, while the specimen under the micro-invertebrates’ Leica BF200 turns out to be the fairy shrimp eubranchipus.

“That’s pretty cool—you get the name of it?” says James Duhamel to his team.

Duhamel, a Torontonian, hockey player and physical-education major, talks about Westerman and Dunn as he might a couple of coaches whose vexing ways ultimately deliver victories. “It’s work from when you get up [to] when you go to bed, but the professors break everything down in layman’s terms,” says Duhamel. “Each day is a progression, and as we’re teaching, we’re learning.”continue

Brendan Bosse bushwhacks his way to geology class.