Hitting the river, page nine: Norwich University emagazine

But right now, after a late-morning session of identifying trees and wildflowers, it’s lunchtime. The class wolfs down sandwiches standing around the fire, watching their boots dry and chatting about other classes until Dunn announces, “Geo site in 10 minutes!” His background in coastal and glacial geology balances Westerman’s specialization in igneous petrology and regional tectonics; with their combined knowledge of ecology, they aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of both the organic and inorganic worlds of this valley.

Everything is
my favorite.
Learning every day.
Getting smarter.

~ Renat Fatkulin

“It turns out that I know a lot, and I really feel I need to pass it on,” says Westerman, who will spend the afternoon getting things in order for
tomorrow’s travel.

Sometimes, there are adaptations to be made. Five years ago, six inches of snow had fallen on this cornfield by the time the shivering students arrived. Westerman moved everybody into the North Stratford town hall and kept things lively by purchasing 100 raffle tickets from the fire department. “I won an $800 rifle with a scope,” he says with a smile.continue

Chance Gieni reflects on his notes.

Chance Gieni reflects on his notes.