Leadership from horsemanship: Cavalry Troop keeps legacy alive, page five: Norwich University emagazine

To this day, a cavalry saber appears on each Norwich class ring, and the collar devices cadets wear on the grey dress uniform tunic feature the crossed sabers of the cavalry.

Stewart finds work in the troop offers benefits that don’t involve riding. “When we enter our sophomore year, we become the teachers for the freshmen when it comes to the barn,” she said. “As sophomores, we teach the freshmen basics like how to act around a horse, how to groom them properly, how to tack them up, and the various chores that need to be done around the barn. Right off, we’re taught to be leaders.”

“There is nothing like putting a student on the back of a 1,200-pound animal that can’t talk to teach benevolent leadership,” Whipple said. “The only way other people will follow you, is if you show compassion for them, and these animals really teach that.”

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video by the Norwich University Office of Communications